Longtime Democratic strategist James Carville pointed to his concern that young voters aren’t enthused with the presumptive major party nominees ahead of the 2024 presidential election in November.

“They feel like two 80-year-old guys don’t mean much to ’em, and I am really afraid that we are going to lose a generation of young people,” Carville told WABC Radio’s John Catsimatidis on Sunday’s edition of “The Cats Roundtable.”

He continued, “That’s my greatest fear for the United States, Cat, is that young people are disengaging.”

One-third of U.S. voters under the age of 40 would support President Joe Biden when asked who they would back if the election were held today, according to an NPR report on a recent GenForward survey at the University of Chicago.

The president also lost support among young Black, Latino and Asian American voters in the age group, as well, according to the survey.

Former President Donald Trump received two less points than Biden among American voters under 40 when asked the same question in the survey.

The presumptive GOP presidential nominee currently holds a narrow lead over Biden in an average of national polls compiled by FiveThirtyEight.

Carville, once a lead strategist for former President Bill Clinton’s 1992 campaign, said it’s “quite disheartening” that young people have a “lack of enthusiasm” toward public policy, public service and being involved in the public square.

“And I can understand it on one level. I’ve talked to them, and they feel like a lot of things are not working for them,” he explained.

The Democratic strategist, earlier in the program, said the choice voters have in November isn’t one he is “crazy about,” but he’s “1000% behind” Biden despite past reservations over whether he should run for reelection.


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