LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Will another Block Party break out at this week’s PGA Championship as it did last year at Oak Hill?

What might Michael Block, the club pro from Mission Viejo, Calif., have in store for an encore this week at Valhalla, in the event where he qualified with his tie for 15th last year?

“That was a magical carpet ride for sure,’’ Block said of last year’s run, which featured him acing the 15th hole while paired with Rory McIlroy. “I literally felt like that the entire week, to tell you the truth. It was just almost kind of a blur, surreal moment, exactly what you sitting at home would think it’s like.

“It’s like if somebody walked up to your house [like] those people winning $10 million when someone walks up to their house and knocks on the door and they open it. That’s exactly how it felt for me — minus the $10 million. I wouldn’t trade any part of it for the world.

“I’ve loved every moment of it — the people I’ve met, the places I’ve been able to go, the tournaments I’ve been able to play in. Hopefully, it inspires a lot more people to do the same.’’

Block is one of 21 club pros in the field this week, and he still finds himself in disbelief thinking back to last year.

“I couldn’t believe that my game held up for four straight days at Oak Hill,’’ he said. “That golf course is so hard — especially when we lost the roll going into Saturday when it rained and I had that 2:10 tee time with Rosie [Justin Rose]. To shoot that 70 that day and then a 71 under the world’s eye of golf with Rory on Sunday, I couldn’t believe that the 47-year-old club pro’s swing and putting stroke somehow held up during that time.’’

Block’s life changed from that week.

He immediately got numerous sponsor invites to play tournaments all over the world.

It’s been some ride.

“The sad part is I haven’t been able to teach since then,’’ Block said. “I’ve been so busy and on the road and playing and all types of things, so I had to give off all my students to fellow instructors, which was a bummer. My door has to stay shut in my office, which is a bummer.

“Usually, it’s open and I can say hi to the assistants and everyone that’s walking through, but it’s been such an onslaught of people and things like that, I can’t keep my door open. So, it’s crazy, but like I said, everyone’s enjoying it back at the club.

“I have full support from the management and the ownership there [his club Arroyo Trabuco], and the assistant pros that have literally taken the golf club under their wing while I’ve been gone. I can’t thank them enough for what they have done.’’

Asked if there’s another Block story in waiting among the other 20 club pros in the field this week, he said, “There’s so many good players out of that 20 it’s crazy. I’ve been told this John Somers guy [from Southern Hills Plantation Club in Brooksville, Fla.], who I’ve yet to meet, is probably one of the longest players in the field. I also know Braden Shattuck, who won last year. He bombs it. Great player. He almost made the cut last week in Myrtle Beach [S.C.], unbelievable talent.

“Then Ben Polland, who won the national championship this year, is an absolute stud. He’s flawless. His game is so steady. It’s perfect for a major championship. Wouldn’t be surprised whatsoever if any of those guys did quite well.’’

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