The mystery Edmonton Oilers flasher who went viral for baring her boobs mid-game has finally broken her silence on what “inspired” the raunchy act.

The fan, only identified as Kate, was tracked down by Barstool Sports’ “Spittin Chiclets” podcast on Monday after her identity was long shrouded in secrecy in the wake of her on-screen antics.

Asked what inspired her to whip up her top, she initially replied sheepishly: “You know, what… I don’t know.”

“The handful of Cheezies that I ate all day and the eight Trulys I drank in the first period was definitely inspiring,” she then added.

“We were all going crazy. It wasn’t planned or anything… and yeah it just kind of happened,” she added.

Her NSWF rise to fame exploded after she was caught on screen lifting up her jersey and baring all during the Western Conference Final series against the Dallas Stars back on May 31.

The clip of her revelry quickly spread like wildfire on social media — and even spurred employment offers from a slew of porn sites.

One adult site, CamSoda, promised her up to $100,000 to “show off her chest just as she did the other night” on their streaming service.

After spotting the footage online, Kate said she reported it and “got it removed” from X but the clip later resurfaced and “came back with a vengeance.”

Wearing a hoodie and huge sunglasses during the brief podcast interview, Kate joked, “I’m still trying to be in the witness relocation program a little bit here.”

Kate, who works on a Canadian oil field, also went on to address the question “a lot of people had.”

“No they are not,” she said when asked if her breasts were real.

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