Fasten your seat belts — it’s gonna be a glam-free ride. 

Dolling up for a flight is skincare sin, according to a primping pro, who’s advising divas against caking on the cosmetics while traveling the not-so-beauty-friendly skies. 

“Being on an airplane is literally one of the worst things you can do to your skin,” warned D the Korean, a TikTok derma-health influencer, to an online audience of over 318,000. 

“You should never wear makeup on a plane,” alerted D in the viral clip. “It will dry out your skin, and your skin will get oily to compensate for the dryness.

“Your makeup is going to look all pasty,” continued the face-conscious influencer, adding that he also fires off a few squats after disembarking an aircraft in order to restore blood-flow to his mug.

And he seems to be steering frequent flyers in the right direction. 

Air quality, both on the ground and at a 30,000-foot cruising altitude, is crucial to skin wellness. 

Researchers recently determined that various air-circulating toxins can irreparably damage skin cells, break down collagen and spur premature signs of aging. 

The threat of harmful ultraviolet rays is heightened, too, while flying too close to the sun. 

“The UV up there is so incredibly high, so I am religious with putting on sunscreen before a flight and during,” a former flight attendant warned in a beware-bulletin last December. 

“Sunscreen, especially on your hands and face, is a godsend during flights.”

But all hope isn’t lost for posh passengers, who can’t seem to resist slapping on a few coats of face paint before boarding. 

Flight attendant Lacy-Margaret, from Miami, has virtually broadcasted a list of her preferred “plane-air approved” makeup products that “won’t crack or look dry.” 

The sky-high siren’s recs include: 

Her grab bag of goodies will “work through dry air and long days,” she attests.

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