New York City FC and the Philadelphia Union dealt with a pitch invader of the furry kind during Wednesday night’s match at Subaru Park. 

A raccoon — dubbed “Raquinho” — made its way onto the field during the first half of the NYCFC’s 2-1 victory over the Union, delaying the game for roughly 161 seconds, according to MLS Communications

The critter entered the field during the 21st minute, making its way into the penalty area on the NYCFC end before appearing to want to join the action on the other side of the field where New York had a throw-in. 

Raquinho then jogged down the field all the way to the other end before stadium staffers attempted to corral the creature using empty trash cans. 

“You thought [Lionel] Messi matches had pitch invaders,” former MLS player Calen Carr joked on the Apple TV+ broadcast. 

The hilarious sequence continued as the raccoon went back to the other end of the pitch, where the high drama really began, as the critter became surrounded by stadium staffers desperately trying to catch it so the game could continue.

“This is marvelous entertainment,” play-by-play man Callum Williams said while narrating the surreal scene. 

“Very nearly got away. Go on, raccoon,” Williams continued. “Very nearly got away. You can get out. Don’t hurt him! They got it. They got the raccoon!”

The raccoon was given a loud cheer from the Union’s supporter section as it was carried off the field in the trash can. 

The Union said in a social media post later in the night that the animal had been safely released. 

“Unofficially, Raquinho the Raccoon spent 161 seconds on the field tonight, which was the most by a raccoon in @MLS history,” MLS Communications posted on X. 

NYCFC had some fun with the absurdity as well, posting a meme with the raccoon on social media.

Los Templados, one of NYCFC’s supporter groups, shared another meme on their Instagram of a raccoon holding up a New York City jersey. 

NYCFC came away with a big win on Wednesday night as it heads into the first installment of the Hudson River Derby on Saturday when the Red Bulls come to Citi Field. 

Alonso Martínez gave NYCFC the early lead with a goal in the second minute, and Hannes Wolf extended the lead with a tally in the 45th minute. 

Wednesday marked the first time this season that NYCFC has won back-to-back games on the road.

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