Rod Stewart gave a sweet shout-out to David Beckham while attending The King’s Foundation.

Penny [Lancaster] and I are so honored to be ambassadors for the King’s trust,” Stewart, 79, began in his speech, as audience members corrected him to say The King’s Foundation. “I’m also wonderfully honored to be a knight and David, yours is coming soon.”

Stewart, who was knighted in 2016, received laughter from the crowd following his remark, per footage shared via X by Rebecca English of the Daily Mail on Tuesday, June 11.

King Charles III stepped out at the event on Tuesday and was seen interacting with Beckham, who recently signed on as an ambassador. (The education charity, which aims to create better communities, was founded by Charles, 75, in 1990.)

Beckham, 49, told Hello! Magazine earlier this month that he was “excited to be working with The King’s Foundation” and looking forward to the “opportunity to help raise awareness” about the charity.

“I’ve always been keen to help young people to expand their horizons and I’m particularly looking forward to supporting the foundation’s education programs and its efforts to ensure young people have greater access to nature,” Beckham continued.

Following his visit at the King’s Highgrove home in Gloucestershire, England, Beckham shared that the pair discussed charity business — they also exchanged beekeeping tips.

“Having developed a love for the countryside, I’m also on a personal mission to learn more about rural skills which is so central to the foundation’s work,” Beckham said. “It was inspiring to hear from the King about the work of His Majesty’s foundation during my recent visit to Highgrove Gardens — and compare beekeeping tips!”

Beckham and Charles previously met in May as the famed soccer player gleaned more information about the charity and its educational programs and workshops.

Beckham has shared his beekeeping endeavors on social media, and Charles also shared his love for the hobby in the past. Vanity Fair previously reported that Beckham presented Charles a gift of a pot of honey he had harvested himself. (Beckham began his hobby of keeping bees during the pandemic.)

“I made some honey for you. It comes from my bees in Oxfordshire,” Beckham told Charles during a May 2023 ceremony for the British Fashion Council Foundation following the king’s coronation earlier that month.

Charles replied, “Really? Well, I’ll have to swap it with the one that I do.”

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