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Thinking about dressing a little edgier? Like the great Britney Spears once said, you should be all decked in lace and leather. That’s why you should check out this faux leather dress from Walmart that checks all the boxes for anyone looking to dress up with something a little sassy, but a little sweet, too.

The Terra & Sky Faux Leather Dress is just $27 at Walmart, which is already hard to believe. When you see how polished and how much of a serve it is, you’ll immediately want to pair it with your favorite heels and purse for a great going out look. It may be one of Walmart’s most fashionable pieces we’ve seen in a very long time, that’s for sure.

Get the Terra & Sky Faux Leather Dress for just $27 at Walmart!

Your new favorite look from Walmart brand Terra & Sky is a stretchy and comfortable dress with a deep V-neck, a back zipper, and knee-length cut. It has a sash at the waist and is made from lightweight faux leather, which adds a unique look to what might otherwise be a normal, everyday wrap dress. Normal leather might be heavy and uncomfortable, but this dress is thin and comfortable so you can stay cool, no matter what you’re doing.

Get the Terra & Sky Faux Leather Dress for just $27 at Walmart!

This is one look that you’ll be turning heads with – no one is going to suspect it came from Walmart, but its quality and flattering cut make it well worth making a trip there for. Or you can buy it online!

Get the Terra & Sky Faux Leather Dress for just $27 at Walmart!

Be sure not to miss out on this great-looking faux leather dress, as it’s one of the only kinds we’ve seen at the retailer. And if you want something unique-looking, you’ll want to snap this up quickly.

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