The Titans ran it back with a familiar face.

Last year’s schedule release viral sensation, “Red Stallions Girl,” returned to help the Titans with their 2024 schedule release.

While this year’s version may not have been a sequel on par with “The Empire Strikes Back,” “Red Stallions Girl” gave it a worthy effort in a funny segment.

“Red Stallions Girl” became internet famous last year when the Titans arguably won the schedule release video royal rumble with their man-on-the-street idea.

The video featured fans on Broadway in Nashville hilariously guessing the names of teams based on their logos, only to be wrong.

“Red Stallions Girl” had the Falcons, and as you can probably guess, she came up with her own nickname for the Dirty Birds.

“This one is the Red Stallions,” she said in the video before making a claw gesture and adding, “Arr.”

This year, “Red Stallions Girl” got to be the one behind the mic as she asked fans how they would describe the franchises.

“Hey guys, ‘Red Stallions Girl,’ I’m here, back on Broadway,” she said in the clip.

This year’s edition did not have as many laugh-out-loud moments as the original, but some were quite good, and the poor Texans and Jaguars — AFC South rivals of the Titans — caught plenty of strays.

Here’s what the fans dubbed these teams, with some still whiffing on the logo :

  • Bears: Love Joe Burrow
  • Jets: Peaked in 1970
  • Packers: Home of the cheese
  • Dolphins: Alix Earle’s boyfriend’s team
  • Colts: The Cowboys
  • Bills: They break tables
  • Lions: Madden Mobile football
  • Patriots: What happened
  • Chargers: Actor is a fan
  • Vikings: Got rid of Kirk Cousins
  • Texans: They have David Carr
  • Commanders: Got rid of Kirk Cousins
  • Jaguars: ????
  • Bengals: Going down hill
  • Colts: Eli Manning
  • Jaguars: ??????????
  • Texans: They have fans?

We’ll see if the Titans run it back for the trilogy next year.

Tennessee is coming off a last-place finish in the AFC South that resulted in coach Mike Vrabel’s firing.

Former Bengals offensive coordinator Brian Callahan was hired to replace Vrabel.

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