It’s Apple’s new golden, delicious standard.

The tech company has announced its fall release, iOS 18, which gives iPhones a refreshed look and feel.

The operating system also introduces a ChatGPT-powered AI called Apple Intelligence that is only compatible with the brand’s pricey and most current iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max models.

Here are some of the biggest upgrades that users can look forward to.

What only the latest iPhones can do with iOS 18

‘Hey, Siri, I hear you can do more … ‘

Apple Intelligence provides an enhanced Siri, a virtual writing proofreader, and a generative image and emoji maker.

That is along with a “clean up” photo tool that can remove unwanted objects or people from a picture’s background.

Lock it up

Also exclusive to the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max is a lock screen enhancement prompted by the action button, which replaced the smartphone’s previous ring and silent switch in the top-left corner.

Now, clicking the action button on the lock screen will cycle several app options on the bottom screen corners.

These can be personalized within the controls gallery, which also has been given a new, more customizable look.

What iOS 18 does for almost all phones

There’s plenty on iOS 18 that users from the 2016 iPhone SE and above can enjoy.

There’s no place like home screen

The home screen has been cosmetically revamped to arrange apps more freely across the screen.

Users who don’t want the faces of their background photo blocked by the widgets can organize them all in the lower portion of the screen. They can be placed in different patterns such as a horseshoe and different color palettes are offered as well.

We approve this iMessage

iMessage is also enjoying a major update that gives it, dare we say, more of a Microsoft Word feel.

Now — along with new eye-popping message effects like “nod,” explode,” “ripple,” “bloom” and more — users can bold, underline, italicize and strikethrough their texts.

Emojis and expressions are also getting a more colorful facelift.

Beam me up

Apple has also created a crucial contingency for when Wi-Fi and cellular signals aren’t available and messages need to be sent.

Users, guided by their devices, can connect to the closest satellite for service; iMessage sent that way are end-to-end encrypted, according to Apple.

Hiking trail maps — featuring details from thousands of jaunts across national parks — are available without a signal as well.

Let there be (refined) light

Media reports also indicate that users will be able to control the iPhone’s flashlight radius, changing it from the standard wide angle to a straight beam.

Emergency SOS features can also live stream video now.

As an added privacy tool, users can also lock apps that contain potentially sensitive information as well.

iOS18 also introduces a new place to store passwords for apps.

Those with AirPods Pro can additionally interact with Siri nonverbally. The assistant will be able to pick up head nods and shakes in lieu of saying “yes” or “no.”

Mail, Safari, and the photo library have also been given updates to re-organize and prioritize information.

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